Our mission

  • To support the development of and access to equal education for all children

  • To support the preservation and strengthening of families affected by poverty, illness or disability

  • To represent the broader church of Jesus Christ in ensuring justice for the poor and needy

In a nutshell

A non-profit organisation based at Pinelands Baptist Church, Cape Town seeking to mobilise our local church community and beyond into action. Focused on areas of child and family wellbeing, education support and disaster relief.

What's news?

SPORT FOR GOOD: What can reading with a child 30min a week do?

Sharon and Sonwabile are two friends of our organisation, raising funds for literacy and education needs of 200 children

About us

Leratos Hope, founded and based in 2002 in suburban Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa, is a Christian non profit organisation which builds meaningful partnerships with existing grass roots organisations, initially focused on care, treatment, and support for poor families affected by HIV and AIDS in the Cape Town areas of Gugulethu, Nyanga, Crossroads and Philippi. As of 2015, the mission has shifted to areas of poverty, child development and social justice in a more general sense.

Mercy & Justice

We work closely with the Mercy & Justice ministry of our founder church - Pinelands Baptist Church. In short, they help advise us spiritually and strategically, and we in turn offer avenues of action and experiental learning to their mission of promoting God's kingdom of mercy and justice as a theme, infusing each person's life in our church community.